7 Tips To Help Get Your Ex Back

1. Limit contact-  If you send a lot of text messages, emails, or call too much you will just annoy your ex. After a breakup the best thing to do is give yourselves some alone time to think things through. Don’t risk a phone call going bad, instead try to avoid contact at least for a few days. Your ex may even call you, which is definitely a good sign.

2. Figure out what went wrong- The first step in saving your relationship is to figure out what went wrong. Don’t play the blame game, and seriously think about the relationship. What led up to the breakup? It is hard to fix things if you don’t know what went wrong.

get him back3. Be strong- That may sound a little cliche but it is important. After a breakup you have to try to be active- go out with friends, do hobbies, just do something. Don’t hide in your room eating chocolate for a week. It is hard, but you can’t let the breakup get you down. Remember to stay positive.

4. Be the person your ex loves- Try to be the person your ex remembers and loves. Think of the “good times” and use these memories from your relationship to your benefit. Maybe there is a certain place, or something you said, or something that is important between the two of you. Use the good parts of your history to rekindle the love instead of focusing on the end of the relationship.

5. Get in touch- Although it is wise to cut off contact at first, eventually you will have to talk to your ex if you want to start a relationship again. It may be best if you wait at least a week before starting communication again, this way you have some time to collect your thoughts and make a plan before talking.

6. Keep it simple- Even the smallest thing can make a big difference. Something simple like meeting for coffee and casually talking is often better than a formal date or a long conversation about the breakup. And remember that even small details from your relationship can be important (is there a certain outfit your ex likes, or something you say that makes your ex happy).

7. One step at a time- I understand that you want to get back together as soon as possible, but you have to remember that it is ok to take things slowly. Don’t make any hasty decisions that could possibly push your ex away even more. Healing a relationship takes time, so don’t be afraid to take things slowly one step at a time.

Hopefully these tips will help you. The most important things to remember are to think positive and move slowly, and to avoid the common mistakes that many people make.

Just these tips alone can help save a relationships, but if you want a more step-by-step plan of action there are guides available that can help you in detail.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Get Them Back

There is a guide called The Magic of Making Up that has a simple system proven to help people save their relationships. I have personally read this guide and know how great it can be. It has helped thousands of couples get back together, and I’m sure it can help you too if you are willing to read it through and follow the author’s advice.

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